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Visiting Chile

Patagonia Tours in Chile

Patagonia Tour Chile
Patagonia Tour in Chile

Patagonia tours in Chile are a great way to see the highlights of one of the most beautiful regions of the country.

Tours are offered by many companies, from large international outfits to smaller local ones. Larger companies usually have more infrastructure and can provide additional equipment, while smaller companies often have very knowledgeable local guides that can offer insights into the culture and history of Patagonia.

There are also different lengths of Patagonia tours in Chile. Some companies offer day tours to places like Torres del Paine National Park or the penguin colonies at Seno Otway and Magdalena Island. Others offer longer tours that involve overnight stays and trekking.

Whatever you choose for your Patagonia tour in Chile, make sure to shop around and compare what each one offers (or doesn't offer). Find the tour that fits your needs and goals for visiting Chile, and enjoy your trip!

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Visiting Paraguay

Google Maps Paraguay

Google Maps is now available for Paraguay.

Google Maps Paraguay shows road and street maps of Paraguay.

These include maps of Paraguayan cities like Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay.

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Visiting Uruguay

Buses from Punta del Este to Montevideo

Buses from Punta del Este to Montevideo are a good travel option for people visiting Uruguay.

There are two companies that run buses between Punta del Este and Montevideo. One of the companies is called COPSA and the other company is called COT.

Buses from Punta del Este to Montevideo leave from the Terminal de Buses in Punta del Este. They then make several intermediate stops to drop passengers off at Montevideo airport and other locations along the way.

Buses ultimately arrive at the centrally located Tres Cruces bus station in Montevideo. Both COT and COPSA have offices inside the terminal.

Ticket fares for buses to Montevideo are 150 pesos one-way. Discounted tickets are available for children, students, and senior citizens.

The total travel time for buses on this route is from 2 to 2 hours and 25 minutes if there is no traffic on the way.

Furthermore, if you take a ferry from Montevideo to Buenos Aires, the ferry company Buquebus offers shuttle buses from Punta del Este to Montevideo.

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Visiting Belize

Google Maps Belize

Google Maps is available for Belize.

Google Maps Belize has free maps of Belize roads, street, and cities.

These include major and minor cities in Belize.

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Visiting Costa Rica

Free Costa Rica Pictures

You can find tons of interesting pictures of Costa Rica, for free, on Flickr.

The pictures can help you plan your trip to Costa Rica.

If you already know where you will travel in Costa Rica, you can use the Costa Rica pictures to help you get an idea of what you would like to photograph while you're there.

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Visiting Brazil

Car Rental at Rio de Janeiro Airport

Rio de Janeiro beach in Brazil
Rio de Janeiro

Car rental at Rio de Janeiro airport is available from a number of different operators. Rio's Galeao Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport (GIG) is home to both international and domestic rental car companies, so you have a lot of choice when you rent a car while visiting Brazil.

The main companies that have rental car desks at GIG airport include Avis, Hertz, Localiza, National, Thrifty and Unidas. Desks are located in both the domestic and international terminals.

All of the companies that offer car rental at Rio de Janeiro airport allow visitors to book their rental cars online in advance. This is a good idea because there are deals, discounts, and rental car voucher codes to be found online, and they will get you a better price than booking when you arrive at the airport. Making reservations ahead of time will also ensure that the type of car you want to rent is available for you when you arrive in Brazil.

If you go with car rental at Rio de Janeiro airport, make sure to inspect the vehicle for damage before you get in, and report any pre-existing damage to the company. Also be sure to find out whether you need to return your fuel tank full or empty, and if there are any charges for extra mileage or things that may not be obvious at first glance.

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Visiting Argentina

Mendoza Winery Tours

Wine grapes in South America

Mendoza winery tours are a great way to spend a day or two when you are visiting Argentina. The wine country in the Mendoza region is one of the most famous in the world, particularly for Malbec wines.

There are several major areas where wineries are located in Mendoza. These include Lujan de Cuyo, Valle de Uco, and Maipu. Many of the best wineries in these places are open to visitors, and some even have restaurants, art galleries, and accommodations attached to them.

If you want to take a self-drive Mendoza winery tour, the larger wineries with tasting rooms are a good place to stop. These include wineries like Terrazas de los Andes in Lujan de Cuyo, Salentein in Valle de Uco, and Familia di Tommasso in Maipu.

If you want a bit more of a unique tour, you can go on a guided winery tour. These tours take visitors to two to four wineries in a day, sometimes providing unique access to winemakers or wineries that are usually closed to the public.

For a very special Mendoza winery tour, you can combine horseback riding and wine tasting. Trout & Wine Tours runs unique trips that take guests to a winery on horseback. After riding through Mendoza, participants stop at Decero winery, where they go on a winery tour and tasting before going back to the stables for a traditional Argentine BBQ.

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Visiting Peru

Lima Restaurant Map

Below is an interactive Lima restaurant map.

The map has the locations of the top Lima restaurants for every budget. From cheap Chinese food and delicious sandwiches to top cevicherias and world-renowned restaurants, the map has them all. To read more about each one, you can go to the Lima Restaurants page.

To use the Lima restaurant map, click on the blue pins and you will find information about each place. You can also zoom in and out, and drag the map around to see other parts of Lima.

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Visiting Cuba

Cuban Currency - CUP vs CUC

Havana Cuba

There are two tiers of money in Cuba, convertible pesos (CUC) and national pesos (CUP).

Things used by locals are priced in CUP. Things for tourists are priced in CUC.

It's a much better deal to buy something in CUP if possible.

This goes for snacks, food, drinks and things in local stores as well as all tips.

The rate for CUP is about 32:1, so you can easily give 10 peso tips to those who serve you. This is a great value.

When exchanging money, get about 10 dollars or 10 euro worth of CUP.

It is invaluable in saving money on small things and getting good deals.

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Visiting Colombia

Colombian Wedding Traditions

Colombian Wedding Traditions
Colombian Wedding Cake

Every country has its wedding traditions. Colombia is not without plenty of its traditions for matrimonial ceremonies.

While each wedding tradition is unique to the family and couple that practices it, there are general similarities that run throughout Colombian wedding traditions.

The most well known Colombian wedding tradition is the Serenata, or serenade.

The Serenata is a pre-wedding tradition in Colombia in which the groom surprises the bride with a serenade (this often happens after she has gone to sleep).

Often the Serenata involves a band and a surprise party with the friends and family of the bride and groom.

The band sings some songs, but the groom must also serenade his bride with songs of his own.

The Serenata can last all through the night, and often involves drinking copious amounts of aguardiente, the traditional Colombian liquor.

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