Backcountry Belize in NYTimes

Backcountry Belize in the NY Times:

The NYTimes has increased its focus on Central America in recent years. This time, its focus is on Belize and the interior of the country.

Backcountry Belize

“IF the world had any ends,” Aldous Huxley wrote in 1934, Belize — then known as British Honduras— “would certainly be one of them. It is not on the way from anywhere to anywhere else. It has no strategic value. It is all but uninhabited.”

Almost 75 years later, Belize still feels remote. It’s roughly the size of Massachusetts, yet it has only a handful of traffic lights. The two-lane road that spans the length of the country is not, in many places, paved. If Huxley were around to be a consumer of American pop culture, however, he’d find that Belize — or at least the strip of it that runs along the Caribbean Sea — has been discovered.

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Google Maps Belize

Google Maps is available for Belize.

Google Maps Belize has free maps of Belize roads, street, and cities.

These include major and minor cities in Belize.

Majahual Mexico Day Trip from Belize

Majahual, Mexico makes a great day trip from Belize.

Majahual is located on the Mayan Coast of Mexico, and is very near the border with Belize. This makes it an easy day trip from Belize.

Majahual is a fairly quiet place but has recently become more crowded after a new cruise ship port was built in the city.

To get to Majahual from Belize, you can rent a car in Belize and head on north on the highway towards Chetumal.

Continue to Hwy# 307 going North.

Just before the little town of Limones, take the new paved road (might not be on tourist maps yet) towards Majahual/Xcalak.

The drive from the Belize border to Majahual should only take an hour or two.

There are plenty of gas stations along the way but your best bet is to get gas in Chetumal.